Revelations vs. Resolutions

Yes it’s already March 2011, and how many of you are still sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? This point isn’t made to make anyone feel guilty, but to bring up a revelation. Resolutions are made based on our weaknesses, strife’s, and struggles. Without accountability, most fall well short of the mark. Do we really want to address the issues that aren’t already strengths? Our tendency is to train in a manner than befits areas that we are already competent. Instead of resolutions, consider revelations like an epiphany that there are areas in your life that are tougher to conquer than others.

Let’s take flexibility as a weakness. Stretching can be uncomfortable, awkward, and painful for some. However, how can full range of motion be achieved without flexibility? If your goal is to squat more weight and become stronger, then lifting heavy weights won’t cut it. Increasing the depth of your squats means your hips aren’t restricted from going below parallel. Yoga is a perfect example of bodily coordination through: breathing, balance, strength, and flexibility. Squatting merely ads weight to completing all of the above in one movement. Good flexibility is to lifting weights as hydration is to nutrition; without one, the other becomes nearly impossible.

Listing weaknesses can become overwhelming when there’s a list of 10-20 areas in your life that are challenges. Working on them sucks, but as these struggles diminish, a certain confidence comes with success. Therefore, while a painful process, it’s imperative for growth. Athletes learn more from a loss than a win. Failure means one process doesn’t work and the bulls-eye for what will become larger. Addressing weaknesses mean you won’t specialize in one area, which makes you that much more valuable.

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