Wizard Kicking

“Practice makes perfect,” or so the saying goes. But in order to practice as you play, it has to be realistic. There’s a lot of “warm-up All-Americans” out there who practice with footballs that are broken in and once they use a game ball, the excuses immediately follow. If you kick a new ball in games, your practice should mirror that. This is where buying new footballs every couple months can become expensive quickly. Wizardkicking.com can help you solve those problems. The owner Mike runs shop out of Anaheim, California and has been supplying kickers with footballs, tees, kicking cleats, nets and the works for many years. There’s also the option of purchasing new and “blem” footballs. Mike, being a former kicker himself has also developed kicking cleats. He ships across the country and has supplied Sprague The Leg since 2002.

STL encourages you to purchase all your kicking needs through Mike from Wizard Kicking.

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