Resistance Kicking

Another alternative to resistance training, in addition to your pool workouts, is elastic tubing. Elastic tubing provides light resistance to build foot speed and explosiveness, as does the pool. The tubing should have a resistance of two – five pounds to ensure you are training your legs to be as fast as possible. If your goal is to create as much power (Force x Velocity) as when you are kicking the ball then kicking with heavy tubing is out of the question. Basic kicking and punting patterns should be mimicked, i.e. lockout drills. The goal is to break down both motions to train each movement pattern individually. The tubing should be strapped around your foot where you strike the ball, attach the other end to a secure or fixed object, like a post. After introducing these into your program, you’ll notice better balance, foot speed, and flexibility.

Avoiding injury and time away from kicking has always been part of the foundation of Sprague The Leg. It is important to perform these exercises with your plant leg as well to reduce muscular imbalances. Keep in mind your plant leg takes a lot of abuse when you kick. Including these same lockout drills and exercises with your plant leg will allow for different muscles to fire and increase elasticity. Increase muscle memory and improve foot speed by performing four sets of 10 repetitions with two – five pound tubing. Tubing can be purchased from many fitness supply sites, just Google “Terrell Owens Bands” to find a good deal and you’ll be set.

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