The marketing of products this day in age can be misleading. Take cigarettes, products that contain soy, Coca Cola, and Gatorade. The manner in that we are exposed to these products leads us to believe what we see from a biased perspective. (By the way, none of the aforementioned products have any nutritional value whatsoever.) Sure the cigarettes are an extreme example, but even Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man had the spotlight in their hay-day. While Gatorade won’t kill you, it isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. Yes, it tastes great but it is not the best option out there. The valuable electrolytes Gatorade provides are mostly salt, sugar, and artificial sweetener.

Coconut water has been around for years, but due to lack of endorsement by professional athletes, its benefits aren’t widely known. Coconut water contains both potassium (which helps you avoid cramping and dehydration) and magnesium (which can allow your muscles to relax). This water also contains less sodium, only natural sugars from the coconut and no artificial sweeteners. All this points towards a better quality product going into your body after strenuous training.

Unfortunately, coconut water can’t be found everywhere. You’ll mostly find them in specialty markets like Trader Joe’s, Mothers Market, Henry’s, Whole Foods, etc. It makes for an unbeatable post workout/ recovery drink and will help you feel better.

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