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I am a big fan of lunges for three reasons: flexibility, balance, and strength. As far as flexibility is concerned, the majority of kicking power is generated through a concentric (contraction) hip flexor explosiveness. With these muscle fibers constantly contracting, … Continue reading

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Goal Setting

Without milestones, there’s little purpose for training. As a kicker, it’s easy to say, “I want to have a good season.” What does this mean to you? The definition is different for everyone, be specific. Having goals for your performance … Continue reading

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Kicking Shoes – The Right Cleats

Finding the right cleats is uber-important. I’ve experimented with indoor soccer shoes, soccer cleats, football cleats, even high-tops. It took many trips to the local sporting goods store and even more blisters to find them. Adidas Copa Mundials work for … Continue reading

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Hips Over The Cone

One of my favorite drills for improving balance and hip mobility are cone drills. I’m not advocating stealing construction cones, but I doubt one or two would be missed. In the beginning, the size of the cone used is determined … Continue reading

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